Youtube Video Thumbnail Grabber

Our free Youtube Thumbnail Finder: is an easy tool that allows you to grab the thumbnail image of any YouTube video, and Choose the dimensions and quality of the image you want, as well as the file size. enter the regular URL of the video into the textbox below.

How to get your Video Youtube Thumbnail URL?

To get the video thumbnail of any YouTube Video
Past Your URL and hit Download.

Images Urls:


Large (1280x720)

Standard (720x405)

medium (480x360)

Small (320x180)

You can also download the thumbnail of any existing video on YouTube to edit them according to your goals. To do this, simply copy and paste the link into Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image, an online tool. Just remember that copyright rules also apply to thumbnails, so all care is little.

What is thumbnail?

We can say that thumbnail (or simply thumb) is a metaphor. When you open the photo gallery of your mobile, for example, you see a series of thumbnails in sequence. They are lighter and arranged in such a way that, upon selection, they are revealed in their original size. In other words, a thumbnail is a compressed image that predicts the original image.

In essence, the main function of a thumbnail is to bring an information to the user in a faster way. This is because since the file is lighter, the loading speed is higher.

What channels is thumbnail used on?

  • Image banks
  • File folders and photo galleries
  • Video platforms
  • Virtual stores
  • Social networks
  • Gallery of GIFs
  • Portals, websites and blogs
  • WhatsApp files

What software is used to make thumbnails?

  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • Flimbo
  • Photor
  • Adobe Photoshop